About Osmile:
Osmile Technology., Inc. a blood pressure wartch design company, is founded by a few experienced & passionate engineers that have the same goal in life. We all want to bring convenience, joy, and happiness to people’s daily life, through the smart technology application we engineered.
Osmile is a firm that spins off from and invested by Minnotek, a global B2B industrial application solution company that strives to provide value added service to meet every customer’s requirement around the world.
Osmile meaning (All Smile), just like our goal above, apart from enjoying the technology we are developing, we are looking forwards, and determined to make everybody ,who uses Osmile around the world, has a big smile in their life!
Osmile’s core competence, is the total solution of hardware and software solution integration. Our engineers are expert in wireless technology, electronic module, 3D printing, IOS and Android APP application development. A combination of solutions that make us a very competitive technology developer in the world market.
Osmile’s attitude towards solution, we do not design complicated product, or user interface that confuses our customer, who don’t have time to go through the complicated learning process with us. We are always looking to deliver simple & excellent solution to satisfy and meet our customer’s daily needs.
Osmile’s attitude towards customer, we make sure we deliver the best quality products, solutions, and after service. As we deeply understood, if we are not bringing convenience in our technology to customer, we are bringing in trouble to them. We make sure with Osmile only convenience and smiles.
Osmile’s priority in business:
  1. Customers
  2. Partners
  3. Investors
We are looking forward to meet you, and discuss with you how our solutions can be improved to meet your business needs or daily requirement!
Best Regards,
All partners at Osmile!