H365 Osmile Telemedicine

H365 Osmile Telemedicine

H365 Osmile Telemedicine

Health 365-Osmile, care about your health 365 days! Wistron Medical has brought a domestic professional medical team to work together to create a medical platform without boundary, extend the professional services of medical institutions, and improve the immediacy and accessibility of clinical needs to the public. 


With H365-Osmile, a cross-disease personalized health management platform, users can receive personal health data, risk warning analysis, professional health education and other services. 


H365-Osmile also provide users with online remote consultation appointment services with clinical experts from medical institutions to deal with diseases and health problems. H365-Osmile allows user to move towards a healthier and quality daily routine life!

H365-Osmile (Best Telemedicine APP) 


Customer Service: 02 2321 6370 

Contact : Sales@osmile.com.tw

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