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Osmile TMP200 Blood Oxygen Watch
Osmile TMP200 Blood Oxygen Watch
Osmile TMP200 Blood Oxygen Watch
Osmile TMP200 Blood Oxygen Watch
Osmile TMP200 Blood Oxygen Watch

Osmile TMP200 Blood Oxygen Watch

Reg. $ 369 / USD
Sale $ 299 / USD

Osmile TMP200 Temperature/Oxygen (Pulse Oximeter) 

Anti-COVID-19 Health Management Watch


Health management functions:

1. Body temperature measurement

2. Oxygen measurement (pulse Oximeter) 

3. Heart rate measurement 

4. Blood Pressure measurement 

5. Sleep measurement

6. Immunity measurement 

7 Sedentary reminder

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  • Color
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Black Black Dark Grey



Health management functions :

1. Body temperature measurement

2. Oxygen measurement (pulse Oximeter)

3. Heart rate measurement

4. Blood Pressure measurement

3. Sleep measurement

5. Immunity measurement

6. Sedentary reminder 


Osmile TMP200 smart bracelet is not a medical device and is not intended to be used to diagnose disease conditions. The monitored health-related data measurement results are for reference only. Please do not adjust your medication based on the Osmile TMP200 measurement results. Please take your medication as prescribed by your physician, who is the only person qualified to diagnose and treat diseases. All data are for reference only and should not be used for medical diagnosis. This product is not a medical device.


Osmile TMP200 Exercise Tracking.

1. Pedometer

2. Exercise time calculation

3. Running distance calculation

4. Calorie consumption calculation

5. Exercise stopwatch

6. GPS map for sports tracking


Other careful function of Osmile TMP200: 

1. Alarm clock vibration reminder

2. Incoming call vibration reminder

3. Message vibration alert (Text, Line, FB, WeChat, QQ, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Gmail)

4. Bluetooth disconnection notice.

5. Low power consumption mode

6. No disturb mode

7. Exercise goal notice.

8. Countdown timer service

9. Beautiful selfie service

10. Find phone service

11. Forgetting to bring watch alarm

12. Raise hand display

13. 5 kinds of watchfaces

14. Switch setting

15. Device broadcast

16. Reset password

17  Female functions

18. Photo taking.

19. Multi-sport mode: climbing, running,

20. Make /Receiving calls

21. Call record.

22. Contact record and search.


Osmile TMP200 Specifications:

Model : Osmile TMP200

CPU model HS6620

Internal memory SRAM 512MB

ROM flash memory 64M

Touch mode: single touch

Acceleration sensor G sensor: 3 axis

Oscillating motor patch

Bluetooth built-in with FPC


Bluetooth 4.0

Languages supported: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Cyrillic; Latin includes: (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Vietnamese, Scandinavian, Central European, Southern European Italian, Southeast Asian, African); Cyrillic language package (Russian, Eastern Europe, Asia), can cover 150 countries.

System requirements: Android 4.4 or above ; iOS 8.4 or above

Screen size : 1.28" TFT color touch screen

Watch size : 245 * 22 * 2.5 mm

Bracelet (watch) : Weight 48 g

Band Material: Silicone

Bezel material : Zinc alloy

Battery Capacity : 310 mAh Li-polymer battery

Charging voltage: 5V

Charging method : Magnetic type

Charging time : 2 hours

Operating time : Approx. 3 -5 days (depending on usage)

Standby time: 7 days (depending on usage)

Color of bracelet : Grey, Blue, Black

Waterproof level : IP67

Ambient temperature: 10 - 50 °C

Warranty : 12 months 

Accessories : Bracelet, USB charging cable, manual, warranty book, after-sales service instruction card

NCC certification code : CCAH19LP1250T7

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