Lone Worker GPS Tracker Watch

Osmile ED1000 Firefighter SOS & GPS Positioning in live video
Osmile ED1000 Firefighter SOS & GPS Positioning in live video
Osmile ED1000 Firefighter SOS & GPS Positioning in live video
Osmile ED1000 Firefighter SOS & GPS Positioning in live video
Osmile ED1000 Firefighter SOS & GPS Positioning in live video

Osmile ED1000 Firefighter SOS & GPS Positioning in live video

Reg. $ 880 / USD
Sale $ 699 / USD

Osmile ED1000 Firefighter SOS & GPS Positioning in live video​ Solution

Protect your firefighter with Osmile remote SOS & GPS watch monitoring solutions


From large global organizations to SMEs, our clients use Osmile lone worker protection solutions to meet their legal duty of care, enhance their reputation as an employer and improve operations


Osmile provide firefighter solutions at a very low cost, 1 Osmile lone worker alarm APP can manage 50 firefighter watches. Once you purchase Osmile ED1000 firefighter watch, you are authorized to down load Osmile APP. (You can see all your 50 fire fighters' daily activities through your Android or IOS cell phone)


  • Color
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red

Osmile ED1000 Firefighter offers 10 ways to precisely locate firefighters :
1. GPS positioning
2. GPS Route to the firefighter positioing
3. GPS historical route positioing
4. AGPS positioning
5. LBS positioing
6. Remote picture taking positioning
7. Remote sound listening positioning
8. Remote video seeing positioing
9. Remote video communication positioing
10. Remote trigger watch alarm positioing


Osmile ED1000 Firefighter solutions for Enterprise security management up to 50 firefighters


Osmile provide Firefighter solutions at a very low cost, 1 Osmile lone worker alarm APP can manage 50 lone Firefighter watches. Once you purchase Osmile ED1000 Friefighter watch, you are authorized to down load Osmile APP. (You can see all your 50 Firefighters daily activities through your Android or IOS cell phone)


Osmile ED1000 Firefighter Function:

1.  4G/5G Phone Call (Two ways communication)

2. 4G/5G Video Call (Two ways communication)

3. Precise real time GPS Positioning

4. GPS motion tracker (Historical Path)

5. Remote camera (Assisting to locate firefighters)

6. Remote Microphone (Assisting to locate  firefighters)

7. Geofence (Notification, when Firefighter is out of set distance)

8. SOS Alert Emergency Button (lone worker alarm)

9. Multi-language translation

10. Watch Anti-lost function

11. Support multi-manager caring function

12. Watch can stand free fall from 200 cm height

13. 9H Tempered Glass, can stand up to 15kg pressure  

14. (Includes Wireless Headset) For Firefighter to speak to manager in a noisy environment

Osmile ED1000 Firefighter Health Monitoring Functions:

1. Heart rate monitoring

2. Blood Pressure monitoring

3. Blood Oxygen Monitoring

4. Medicine Reminder

5. Sedentary

6. Sleep

7. Steps 


Osmile ED1000 fire fighter monitorning device is not a medical device, should not use for medical purposes. All data derived are only for reference.


Osmile ED1000 Firefighter device other functions:

1. Find watch function 

2. Alarm Clock 

3. Phone Book

4. Multi-language support : Chinese/ Danish/ Dutch/ English/ French/ 

German/ Greek/ Hindi/ Hungarian/ Indonesian/ Italian/ Malay/ Pilipino/ Polish/ Portuguese/ Russian/ Spanish/ Swedish/ Thai/ Turkish/ Vietnamese


Osmile ED1000 Spec:

Model:Osmile ED1000

Wireless transmission:4G/5G Nano Sim Card

System requirement:Android 4.4 含以上 ; IOS 9.0 以上 

CPU : SP9820E

Screen Size : IPS 1.4

Resolution:240 * 240 pixel

Touch:Capacitive touch

Screen : IPS touch screen 

Camera:3.0 mp

GPS Sensitivity : - 159 dBm

Battery Capacity:1000 mAh Lithium Battery


Charging method:Magnetic USB Charging 

Charging time:3 hours

Operating time:Around 3 days

Watch material:ABS + PC

Watch Size:25.7 * 4.1 * 1.5 cm

Watch weight:53g

Waterproof Level:Sustainable in the rain  (not support hot shower and swim)

Warranty:15 months (Support fast repair, but not artificial damage)

Life Customer Support:Osmile lone worker alert watch come with lifetime customer support 


Buy Osmile Firefighter systems today! Very easy to set up! Osmile gives your company best lone worker protection at very low cost!



Osmile ED1000, needs to be charge once in 3 weeks, when it is not in use.

Osmile ED1000, not support hot shower, or swimming.


Declaration :

Osmile does not be responsible for leagl issue such as SOS dial out function failure, or GPS positioning. Customer should aware that SOS dialing out, and GPS positioning may not succeed for factors such as 4G/5G signal of Telecom company is too weak or no signal, human operation error, runs out of battery, setting error etc.


Osmile Technology Co., Ltd

B2B professional cloud health analysis smart bracelet manufacturer

Customize: Hospital, Heath Centre, Care Home, Cloud Smart Bracelet


24/Oct/2023 Osmile CEO Aaron Chang was invited to the National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior, to introduce Osmile’s forward-looking technology disaster prevention and industrial safety care system that will be developing in 2024 to the Philippine overseas delegation.
Osmile's forward-looking technology disaster prevention and industrial safety care system will help respond to sudden disasters. Medical staff can examine a large number of injuries within a short period of time, seize the golden rescue time and provide immediate rescue, avoiding a large number of casualties occur.
In addition, Osmile is also about to invest in the development of a very futuristic 5G disaster relief communication watch in 2024. The watch will then provide commanders with real-time health information, rescue locations, and dangers at the rescue site for all rescue personnel. coefficient. Make the overall disaster rescue mission more efficient and safer!

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/share/p/VxHVqsfFXo6vSc4E/?mibextid=oFDknk​

Osmile participated in technological disaster prevention, firefighting research and development exhibition


Osmile ED1000, a Firefighter SOS GPS watch, was demonstrated to relevant units. Osmile ED1000 shows how it can assist Firefighters at different fire scenes to keep communication & positioning between firefighters and their commander clear and fast.

IFSEC, the UK's largest and longest-running security event celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2023

In partnership with the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), IFSEC returns to ExCeL London from 16-18 May this year with a packed expo hall, tech talks seminar program, live demos, new Distributor Network and a partnership with charity Mates in Mind. 

New for 2023, the Distributor Network recognizes the essential role distributors play in the security market. In bespoke distributor hubs on the show floor, 11 of the UK's leading distributors will meet and greet the installer audience and meet suppliers. Distributors involved include ADI Global, DVS, CIE-Group, COP, Dynamic CCTV, Oprema, PureTech, DTS Solutions, Mast UK, and Nimans.

Thousands of senior security professionals are expected to attend, keen to explore innovative products and solutions and collaborate with the entire community, including key security associations and over 650+ exhibiting companies across all co-located shows.

Osmile also participating the exhibition, showing the latest Osmile ED1000 Ruggedized GPS Watch for Lone Worker Solutions 

SOS Alert Application : Fast Help When You Need it 


SOS Alert : Emergency Support

SOS Alert helps lone workers in a crisis. If they feel at risk or need support, they simply select the SOS Alert option on their device Osmile ED1000 . This will immediately open a two-way call with highly trained staff at the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). The ARC operates 24/7/365, guaranteeing a response in seconds.



The ARC officer has secure access to the workers personal emergency escalation protocol and real-time GPS location. This lets us direct emergency services straight to the worker, bypassing 119 call centers and saving critical time. If there is a false alarm, the worker can simply tell the ARC to stand down.


Virtual buddy

SOS Alert can also be used as a virtual buddy. The ARC operative will stay on the call with a worker, should they feel at risk. For example, if theyre working late at night and are uncomfortable in a poorly lit car park, ARC staff can stay alert as they walk to their vehicle.


Active Listening

The ARC staff use the initial seconds of the call for active listening, in case a vulnerable worker cant speak freely. Calls are recorded, and the recordings are admissible as evidence in court, for example in case of prosecution for an assault.


Worker Down Application : No-movement and fall alarm

Osmile ED1000 uses the built-in motion sensors in the watch to enable Worker Down. Osmile ED1000 then monitors the movement of the watch and its orientation. If, for example, lone worker after a fall,  and the Osmile ED1000 fall alert is triggered, and the lone worker didn't touch the Osmile ED1000 button to switch it off, then an alarm Worker Down will send to (ARC) to call for help.

The operatives there will access the workers GPS location and call the workers phone to see if theyre OK. In the event of a false alarm, the worker can simply, switch off the fall alarm or advise the ARC to stand down. If ARC staff cant contact the worker via their watch, they will automatically follow the next steps in the persons individual escalation procedure, and can quickly dispatch emergency services to the workers location.


GPS Application : Locate Finding your workers in a crisis

GPS Locate : Pinpoint accuracy

When using Osmile ED1000, the lone workers GPS location is reported to the system every ten minutes as standard (although this frequency can be customised), and whenever a SOS Aler or Worker Down Alert is raised.


About GPS

The Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking system uses a network of satellites linked via Osmile ED1000 to the lone workers device or app. The network consists of 30 satellites broadcasting radio signals in a permanent near-earth orbit of approximately 20,000 km. Now used widely around the globe, GPS was initially set up for US military navigation. The first satellite in the system, Navstar 1, was launched in 1978.



From any point on the globe, four GPS satellites are visible all the time. At regular intervals, they each transmit the current time and their location. The signals reach your lone working device, and Safe Hub calculates how long the message took to reach you and your distance from the satellite. By overlaying the information from three of the visible satellites, GPS can pinpoint your location. This process is called trilateration.


Customized use

Osmile ED1000 lets us customize the settings for each client to ensure the use of GPS Locate complies with their individual policies and procedures around privacy. So you can choose exactly who can see a workers GPS location, and how that information can be used. Each activity performed within Safe Hub is tracked to allow for monitoring and compliance.


Benefit of Lone Worker GPS Watch

1. Reduction of Risk for Lone Workers

2. Reduction of Liability for Employers

3. Call for Emergency Help Immediately

4. Tracking Enables More Effective Administration

5. Fewer Employees Required in the Field


Lone workers

A Lone Worker (LW) is an employee who performs an activity that is carried out in isolation from other workers without close or direct supervision. Such staff may be exposed to risk because there is no-one to assist them and so a risk assessment may be required. Lone workers are now often supported by cloud-based automated monitoring systems and specialised monitoring call centres - often referred to as an 'Alarm Receiving Centre' or 'ARC' in the UK, or 'Emergency Dispatch Center' or 'EDC' in the US.


Examples of lone workers

There are different types of lone workers including:

  1. People working at home such as telecommuters, affiliated marketers, writers
  2. Workers in the energy industry or oil and gas Industry including upstream workers like surveyors, land managers, drillers, and midstream or downstream workers such as refinery workers and drivers
  3. Construction workers
  4. Mobile workers such as traveling salesmen, truck drivers, health visitors, repair technicians
  5. People who work in any type of manufacturing facility
  6. People working outside normal hours such as security guards, cleaners
  7. Utility workers such as meter readers 

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